Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wet n Wild California Roll Eyeshadow Palette

Two weeks ago Rite Aid was running a 40% off sale on all thing Wet n Wild...It was a busy week so I needed some cheap pick me up. I brought two of the palettes from the Silver Lake collection and today I will show you one (just the swatches, since I don't know how to work this thing). 

The two I picked up are California Roll and Vinyl Collection. I think this is actually the first time I am getting these Color Icon Palette (I lost interested in their colors combo aroud 2010). They are simple, tough and doesn't take too much space to store, they could get rid of the useless applicator but maybe people use them?
California Roll is a colorful spring palette with beige-gold, corals and greens. I don't have any clue how to wear them (aside for the beige) but just looking at this makes me happy. Here is the color break down.

1. Frosty medium mint
2. Matte grassy green with gold shimmer
3. Pale golden highlight (frosty again)
4. Matte warm red
5. Matte creamy peach
6.Semi sheer rose gold with glitters

One swipe swatch (these do swatch nicely even though the finishes is a different across the board). The shadow has some fly-out but it generally firmly pressed enough and easy to grab with finger and brush.

The gold and rosegold are no-brainer allover wash. Coral and red actually work well as a warm lid shade that doesn't go eye-infection on me. When the two (beautiful, shall I add) greens are blended out, I get an allover matte stain of colors that leaves me clueless, but they look nice when packed on as accents...I am sure with a good opaque base and primer these would work beautifully for the dramatic makeup (just not a look I am looking for). 

Overall: I think it's a fun palette at a deserving price ($2.4 during sale) with OK texture (Gilded Age and those ancient Mega Eyes Palette are way better). I think the color combo and thin-powdery is a little challenging for me but it could be that I just happen to be at the other side of makeup-wearer spectrum.
So, here is the rest of my haul for that sale week (I also picked up an replacement for Nutty, since I destroyed my old one while trying to depot it). Let's see how it goes. Spoiler alert: I still haven't fall back in love with the brand...2009 is never coming back.

Here is a full display for the Silver Lakes collection palette. I skipped the rest since these other shades look harder to work with.

All the pastel nail polish

Sharpener (had one from the brand before. This could be a new and improved version but I will never touch it again. Basically the old one sharpens the whole thing, including the cord), falsie, eyeshadow brush and mascara. The eyeshadow brush looks like it was nicely shaped so I got it to try.
Foundation and powder brush, both looks reasonably well-made.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Canmake Jelly Stick Gloss Pure Strawberry

Canmake Jelly Stick Gloss is a fairly new release from fall 2014, I like their cheek products in general so I decided to dabble into their lip collection. It didn't hurt since they are generally around 6-7 bucks a piece (that is, if you buy them in Hong Kong or Japan...Otherwise it's hiked up to 10-15 dollars).
For something in this price range, the package is beautifully done with Greek pillar base, a tube with pink daisy print (kind of like Paul & Joe meets Jill Stuart) and a lid with golden shimmer dusted allover. The label for Canmake is at the bottom of the lid, which provides a nice balance elements? As with any good lipstick tube, you get a little click as you close the lid. 
Being my usual boring self, I picked up shade 02 Pure Strawberry, a slightly warm (tomatoe-y) red with very fine golden dust allover. The lipstick looks very much like a jelly stick and Canmake recommends only twisting 1-2mm out at a time, so you don't end up squishing it.
Wrist swatch (my skin was very dry). The formula is scent-free, glossy and comfortable (it seems moisturizing but not in a super pumping way). The color is sheer but more than noticeable. It has a brightening effect that doesn't clash even on bare face.
Canmake Pure Strawberry on a regular day. The red sinks into the lines a bit but at least the formula didn't further dry things out.
Pure Strawberry on a good lips day that's relatively free of lines (yesterday, so I swatched the afternoon away). Overall: It's a great little sheer lip tint for the price and the formula is relatively unique (the next closest thing would be Nivea's strawberry lip balm but Canmake is glossier and has more refined shimmer and much better packaging). I would probably not repurchase mainly because of the hiked up price from e-tailers, but now I am definitely excited to try more of their lippies. 

LOOKny Makeup Brushes

Some brush sighting from Duane Reade.The brand is called LOOKny and it generally has a no-frill look. The price is somewhat expensive but the quality seems nicer than the ones available at Walgreens & CVS.
Foundation and concealer brushes
Portable foundation, lip and kabuki brush
Eyeliner and Brow Groomer
Sharpener, sponge
More sponge and a mini brush set. Expect a review soon as (a day after I took these pictures) I found several of them on sale at another Duane Reade!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Maybelline Queen of New York - Baby Lips, Lipstick, BB Cream and Eyeshadow

I was at Walgreens and saw a bigger display of the Maybelline Queen of New York collection

Four Baby Lips in Peach Kiss, Crystal Kiss, Fuchsia Fix and Ra-Ra Red
Pursuit of Pink Blush Stick and BB Cream
Eyeshadow and Lipsticks
Master Kajal eyeliner and Brow Drama brow tint (the rest are just eyeliner and the Great Lash mascara)
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