Friday, October 31, 2014

elf Hypershine Gloss in Blushing, Coral Corral and Sassy Social

Before you start scrolling down, let me warn you that the swatches would be somewhat nasty. I normally wait for a sunny, good lips day to swatch lip products (glosses are usually more forgiving so I don't have to pick a day) but these three are hopeless after several tries...
This set of three glosses Blushing, Coral Corral and Sassy Social comes in a Class of 2014 set that I found in TJ-Maxx (which strangely, retails for $3.99 in Chicago but $2.99 in Houston...Of course this cheap@$$ picked it up in Houston). My past experience with elf glosses have mostly been mediocre (but never disappointing, as I hold no expectation on the 1-dollar gloss) if not unpleasant. This set just totally caught my eyes because I really dig the three delightful shades, which seem flirty and at not-generic.

Coral Corral is a Coral (duh), melon kind of shade with very fine, golden misty shimmer. Sassy Social is the medium, slightly warm raspberry jelly with golden flakies (!). Blushing is the translucent fuchsia with loose, silver micro-glitter.

Sassy Social - After several layers (1/3 of the whole tube I guess?) is still very sheer. The rapsberry just turns into a normal sheer pink with gold bits here and there. As runny as it is, it does nothing to my lip lines (some Maybelline lipsticks are able to fill it).
Blushing is also runny, sheer and an utter meh...Again, lip line galore.
Coral Corral is the most opaque of the bunch but the texture is quite gunky (then to stuck between my lips and at the corners) and applies unevenly. The color is lighter than my lip color so it's frosty...

Overall: The formula is pretty bad and what's the use of pretty shading, when it doesn't show anyway? The only I don't dislike about these  (unlike the other elf glosses I have used) is that they don't numb/cause discomfort on my lips.

Prestige Lip Crayon, Eyeshadow, Eyeliners etc.

It has been months since I looked at Prestige's display (the only ULTA I have seen during summer, the one in downtown Chicago, doesn't sell anything drugstore) so when I saw it a few days back, I noticed a new display with many new releases (and their prices has increased by quite a bit).
Total Intensity Liquid Eyeliner 
Duo Chrome eyeshadow
I am liking all the taupes shades but I don't want to shell out almost 10 bucks for a drugstore single. 
Wavy ones are called Total Intensity Color Rush Eyeshadow
True metals
Biggerst Lashes mascara, some eyeliner
 Eye and Lip Crayon
Something by Essence - They finally restocked the All About XXX palettes
Deceiving hair chalk (made me think that there was a purple eos lip balm)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mid Week Menagerie - Current Favorites

The weather finally cooled down a bit, now that I no longer get all wet and sticky from doing nothing. It's time to wear some makeup! Here are some of my newer finds (and old products I have found love for) that I have been reaching for. I am trying to not to say too much about these, because I might run out of materials when I actually write up the reviews .
Rimmel show off lip lacquer in Aurora - The formula is not the most friendly for my lips but I found that it goes on much smoother (less drying) when I have a waxy base underneath (which is the Nivea Milk & Honey balm).

Too Faced Glamour Gloss - I like the tiny tube (easy to tuck into everything) and the 2.9ml mini is more generous than what I originally though, as the full sized gloss (spotted at Marshalls) contain 3.6ml. It only look huge thanks to the excessive/light refracting packaging.

Maybelline Volume Express Rocket Mascara - Because Kate says so...

Too Faced concealer - It sure offers very flexible coverage, perfect for hiding acne marks.

Majolica Majorca Lash Curler- In a light, rosy yellow gold color. 
Sukin Rose Hip Oil - This gives me crazy milia seeds when it was hot but it's the perfect spot moisturizer now.

Paul and Joe Lipstick in Once Upon a Time - Do I need more orange lipstick? Well, this is an exception because it looks more like a golden apricot than orange (plus it was gifted by Dalenna of A Little Dab Into Makeup)...

3ce Kabuki Brush - It's so fluffy that I could not get the auto-focus to work on this! It's the same color as the blush so I can't see it on the bristle...
Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek -  I bought it right away when it first came out (ahem, two years ago), used it a few time and forgot about it... Since the new Heart Hunter collection just came out (with swirly blushes!) and I am reminded of this cute little tin...

 Anyway, the reviews for these products would be out very soon, since the pictures of most of these items are all taken care of. I am just trying to use them a few more times to make sure it's not a short-term fling...

An abrupt change of topic - I spotted this Benefit + LeSportSac cosmetic pouch (on clearance from 32 to 16 bucks). Unlike the other LSS pouches I have used, this one is actually lined (with the same cow print) and sectioned with several slots inside!
And look! Benefit has this set with tinted lip balm (know they would work well but do I really need more lip color?) with Mini Cheek Stains! I wish they would come up with these 4ml sampler of all their current stains (as I am eying on ChaCha Tint, Posietint and Lolli Tint but don't want to pay 30bucks each).
Sizzling Six and Frisky Six (either 26 or 27 bucks)
NYX Pure Decadence and Sugar Rush Butter Gloss set
Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie Set

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Palladio Makeup Display - Matte Blush, Bronzer, Herbal Mascara and More

Palladio has been around in the drugstore for quite a sometime (at least a few years?). I think I only started noticing the brand when I heard about the matte blush on Will Work for Makeup and I am glad they have lighter/cooler shades (Oh, wait...I think she mentioned the lighter shades are a bit chalky). They are normally 6.99 and sometime goes on sale, for a dollar cheaper.
Since I snapped the picture for the blush, I decided to look around. The display is actually pretty extensive.
Liquid Eyeliner and Tinted Lip Balm
Herbal Lip Gloss, Lip crayon
Lip Lacquer, High Intensity Lip Balm
Mosaic and Baked Blush
Baked Blush and Eyeshadow
Blotting paper that are actually tinted
Herbal Mascara - 4D Boost, MaxxLash, Curl Rule and Aqua Force.
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