Thursday, September 03, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Eye Crayon Part II - Gold, Purple and Aqua

Since I was very happy with my initial purchase of the three neutral colored L'Oréal (my autocorrect is on French steroid) Infallible Eye Crayons, I ran back to Harmon's clearance bin and dug out more.

This time, I found Always Aqua, Everlasting Gold and Always Purple. The pencils are highly pigmented, easy to blend (doesn't set right away) and fairly long-wearing and budge-proof. While the colors are not as interesting/complex as some of the Infallible shadow (guess they could only squeeze in this many in a limited edition collection), the convenience and lasting-power make up for it.
Always Purple is a glimmering jewel purple, Always Aqua is a turquoise with white/silver shimmer and Everlasting Gold is a yellow gold that can be spread into a soft yellow veil of color. The purple and aqua both have a deeper, staining base that clings on to skin when the creamy part gets blended. It's perfectly ok for me since I prefer using them as liner (purple) or accent on lower lash line. The aqua is especially brightening when used undereyes, with or without bronzey eyeshadow (aka the summer makeup collection cliché).

L'Oréal, please make this formula permanent!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

elf Baked Eyeshadow in Pixie

I picked this up at Marshalls while I was doing my after meal stroll. ELF baked eyeshadow in Pixie is a pearly golden pink that's sheer and delicate. The texture is dry but smooth and it doesn't look frosty on the skin. It's not that bendable (the color sheers out too much being blended) and it definitely requires a primer to stay. I mainly like it as a lid wash allover.

Some similar rose golds in my stash: L'Oreal infallible crayon in Everlasting Rose. Prestige Sand Dune, Pixie and the lid shade from Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes in Pink Beige Collection.

Overall: Nice but requires a little work. I prefer to just swipe and go if I am only using one shade. Oh, the packaging is a little crappy too, the print on the compact actually smudged off.

Face Stockholm Lipstick in Peony Pink

Face Stockholm is one of those niche brands that I only know through beauty blogs. They have a tiny closet in Columbus Circle in which every cream blush tester has a healthy dose of lint.  I visited the said closet (to check out the cream blush, duh) and bailed immediately because I didn't like the packaging (it's a dealmaker/breaker for me).  That sums up my experience with the brand.

Anyway, the lipstick Peony Pink was a gift from Dalenna (whose undertone is different enough that lipsticks don't work for her usually turn out very flattering on me).
Peony Pink is a crazy bright magenta (that shows up even cooler on my skin). Luckily, it's not a grandma mauve thanks to the strong dose of purple. The bullet is slightly harder than MAC lipsticks but goes on smoothly. I think it has a plastic smell or maybe it's just the way base being heated up by summer
 Peripera Pink Butter(this will turn much purple after it's on the skin for a while). Peony Pink and Estee Lauder Pink Dragon.

Peony Pink is a color that make my skin really bright. The formula isn't moisturizing, during or slippery but I messed up a little around the edges(because it's too bright and I like to load on lipsticks in general).

The color doesn't stay fresh for long but the stain it leaves behind is quite stubborn. Anyway, maybe I will try it on top of a lip balm so it wouldn't require so much commitment.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

GOSH Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow - Rose, Light Blue, Violet, Metallic Gray and Matte

Back in winter/spring of this year, I went a little crazy with the GOSH clearance going on at Duane Reade so now I am still going through the goodies (or shall I say craps as they are literally garbage).  I was so happy with the two taupe/brown shadow pen so I picked up the rest of the shades that I could find.

Light blue, Violet, Metallic Gray (just call it Silver will ya?), Rose and a Matte primer.  No shade description needed because they are straight up flat-metallic. Actually the blue and violet might have some fine shimmer in matching colors but I have to blend it out and look really hard for them. 
All of these shades glides well but are highly slippery/greasy (I have similar experience with the brown/taupe but at least the color are flattering) so they start to fade as soon as they are on the lid. I never tried the matte primer on my eyes because it feels like dough and seems a little too tacky...

Overall: I think the cream shadow/eye crayon from Maybelline, L'Oreal and Milani are much much better. I think I really need to stop "saving" money at the drugstores...I could buy a Majolica Majorca or a Visee palette for 15 bucks!
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